Commercial Services

Resurfacing Specialist has been leaders in commercial resurfacing for over 20 years. We have been servicing apartment and hotel industries
for many years.

We know that residential and hospitality industries have need of quality resurfacing at an affordable price. All of our work is guaranteed.

Non-Skid Bottoms:

In addition to the many aspects of resurfacing that we provide, we also offer non-skid bottoms for your tubs and showers. The addition of non-skid
bottoms to the bathrooms in your commercial property can help prevent possible lawsuits from slips and falls due to slippery bath tubs.

The non-skid bottom is permanently adhered to the bottom of the surface and then glazed over with our PermaSeal process. Upon completion, the
non-skid surface is sealed and easy to clean.

Contact us today at 336-985-3642, or toll free at 866-839-5842, to see how we can serve your commercial property.

Fast Turnaround Time!
PermaSeal’s breakthrough technology provides 24-hour “cure time” allowing you use of your facilities the NEXT day!
Resurfacing and re-glazing your Kitchen or Bath has NEVER been so EASY or INEXPENSIVE!